Irregular Schedule at the Turn of the Year
Please note that we have an irregular schedule of ticketing at the turn of the year. Ticket Centre and each Box Office will be closed as follows;
Place Closed term
Ticket Centre 2018/12/29 - 2019/1/1
Box Office at National Theatre (Large/Small Theatre) 2018/12/29 - 2019/1/2
Box Office at National Engei Hall 2018/12/25 - 2019/1/1
Box Office at National Noh Theatre 2018/12/29 - 2019/1/3
Box Office at National Bunraku Theatre 2018/12/29 - 2019/1/2
In above term, these are not available: telephone reservation, purchasing or receiving tickets at Box Office.
Additionally, as regards online sale, certain delivery and payment methods are not available as below.
Delivery and payment methods Not available term
Select Deliver services 2018/12/28 5pm - 2019/1/2 6am
Select Pay-easy and pay by it 2018/12/31 10pm - 2019/1/3 12pm
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.