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Ordering Tickets

Important To Note When Ordering Tickets

  • The Internet ticketing system allows a large number of users to order tickets at the same time. Because of this volume, you may not be able to purchase tickets on the system even when you have clicked on the available grade and quantity of tickets.
  • To purchase tickets at internet ticketing system, you need to create your account of NTJ Membership.
  • Tickets may not be purchased for multiple events at a time.
  • Tickets may be purchased for only one performance on the starting sale date and during the advance ticket sale period. If a number of performances are part of a single event, the entire set of performances may be purchased in a single transaction.
  • There is a limit to the number of tickets that may be purchased per transaction. Occasionally we limit the number of tickets to be purchased only for specific Grades.
  • The seat selecting methods includes the following. But the available methods may vary depending on the performance.
    Auto Select: Your seat will be automatically allocated after your selection of Grade, Quantity and Adjacency of Seats.
    Block Select: Your seat will be automatically allocated after your selection of Grade, Quantity, Adjacency of seats and Block.
    Customer Select: Choose your Seat manually after your selection of Grade and Block.
  • To purchase tickets at a student, senior etc. discount rate, please make a reservation by telephone or purchase them at the box office.
  • To secure wheelchair-accessible seating areas, please make a reservation by telephone or purchase them at the box office.
  • Please note: Your order will be cancelled if you do not complete the online purchase procedure within 15 minutes after the selected seat numbers are displayed.
  • If there is no sufficient time before the event to complete payment and delivery, the ticket reservation should be processed only through the ticket machines at the box office or the box office counter in the National Theatre venues.
  • Delivery of tickets by mail or courier is restricted to addresses in Japan only.
  • Ticket orders are accepted only between 6:00 - 2:00 (JST). (Computer system maintenance takes place every day between 2:00 and 6:00)
  • Internet order service will close 1 hour prior to the opening of the designated performance.
  • Please note that the ticket orders for some events may only be accepted by telephone. When this is the case, the information will be shown on the Web site.
  • Ticket cancellations or changes will not be allowed after completion of payment. Any changes in "Payment Method", "Delivery Method" and other details of the order will not be allowed after the order process is completed.

Please read the "Internet Service Agreement" for further details on ticket purchase.

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How To Buy A Ticket

Please read the ticket purchasing guide and follow the instructions for the payment and delivery methods you have chosen.

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Confirming Your Order

A confirmation e-mail will be sent immediately upon completion of your ticket order.

  • A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered address.
  • In case of error in ticket order process, please make sure of the ordering state by checking whether you have received a confirmation e-mail, or whether there is a purchase history at the Purchase History page.

*Please note the confirmation e-mail may not arrive due to network problems. Please confirm at Purchase History page.
Your order will be valid even without a confirmation e-mail as long as you are able to provide an order number.

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