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Ticket Reservation and Purchase

When do ticket sales for each event start?
Ticket sales for each event start at 10:00; telephone reservations also start at 10:00.
I would like to know how to order tickets.
Please go to How to Order Tickets page.
Can tickets be purchased from overseas?
Yes, tickets can be purchased from overseas. However, tickets will not be delivered to overseas addresses.
Can a seat number be specified when ordering tickets?

You appoint a seat by choosing "Customer Select" by a selecting seat method and can make reservations.
You may not be able to choose "Customer Select" for some events. In that case please make a reservation by telephone to select your seat.
Are there student and other discounts available when purchasing tickets?
Yes; however, only "Adult" ticket price is available for online ticket order.
To purchase tickets at a student, senior etc. discount price, please make your reservation by phone or purchase your ticket at the box office.
Is it possible to purchase tickets for multiple events or venues at once?
No. You will need to start again to select another event and venue, after completing the ticket purchasing process for one event and venue.
How many tickets can be purchased at a time?
The number of tickets you can purchase at one time is limited and varies by event.
Is it possible to cancel tickets once they are ordered?
Cancellation is not allowed once the transaction has been completed.
I was unable to purchase tickets.
If an error message is displayed on the screen, take a note of the type of message and report it to us using the inquiry form.
I was not able to purchase a ticket. The screen said "Seats Are Not Available."
This means that the seats that satisfy the conditions you chose could not be found.
Please try again with a different set of conditions.