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NTJ Membership Registration

I would like to know how to create an account.
There is an explanation on how to create an account on the About NTJ Membership page.
Please check the services and go to the registration screen.
I have forgotten my password.
A. Please go to the "Forgotten Password?" page and fill out the form.
Is it possible to edit my registered address and e-mail address?
Please log in with your ID and password and go to the Membership Information page to edit them.
There is an error message on the membership registration page.
If an error message is displayed on the membership registration page, please note the message and report it to us using the inquiry form.
National Theatre Internet Ticketing Office (weekdays: 10:00 – 17:00)
The account activation e-mail has not arrived.
A. If the e-mail has not arrived, you might have filled out a false e-mail address.
If the e-mail does not arrive within an hour, please create a new account from the beginning.
We also recommend that you check your spam folder to ensure that it has not been filtered as spam or ask your ISP if they are blocking any email from National Theatre of Japan.
To help insure prompt delivery of the confirmation email, please add our domain to your system.
I cannot activate my account.
In order to complete the activation of your account, you will need to click on the URL contained in account activation e-mail.
There is a case where you cannot access correctly the URL because it was split due to the setting of your personal computer.
If top page screen or "Not Acceptable" is displayed, some characters may be missing in the URL. Please copy the URL and paste it to the address bar in order to access the account activation page.
The URL will be deactivated and an error message will appear if you try to activate your account three days after receiving the account activation e-mail. If it should occur, please create a new account from the beginning.
I have already created my NTJ Membership account on my PC. Do I need to create a new account to log in from my Smartphone?
You do not need to register on your Smartphone if you already have your NTJ Membership account.
Please login with the same ID (Email address) and password that you registered.