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Internet Service Agreement

[Internet Service Agreement]

The Japan Arts Council ("the Council") hereby establishes the Internet Service Agreement ("Agreement") regarding the use of the Internet Ticket Sales site managed by the Council (hereinafter called "the Web site").

Article 1 (Definitions)

  1. The Agreement applies to the Council and the customer (hereinafter called "Customer") who uses the event ticket sales and membership registration services through the Web site (hereinafter called "Services"). The Agreement is binding upon use of the Services by the Customer.
  2. The Customer shall comply with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, sub-agreements under the Agreement and the rules and regulations of Azekura-kai and Bunraku Theatre Tomo-no-kai in the event of membership in these respective membership associations (hereinafter called "Agreement, etc"), in use of the Services.
  3. Use of the Services by persons under 20 years old shall require the consent of the individual's custodian prior to use.

Article 2 (Scope and Modification of Application)

  1. The Agreement shall consist of the terms and conditions herein, as well as specific rules established separately. Should there be a conflict between the Agreement and such a rule, the terms and provisions of the specific rule will have priority.
  2. All or part of the terms and conditions of the Agreement and specific rules are subject to change without notice. Please confirm the Agreement when placing orders for tickets. In the event of change in the Agreement, the provisions after the change shall be valid.
  3. The Council may implement changes in the service system and its content without advance notice to the Customer if the Council determines it is necessary to implement change in management of the Services, the technological aspects of the system or its content.

Article 3 (Service Environment)

  1. The Customer is responsible for installing and using the hardware, software and other equipment necessary for accessing the ticket sales service and other related services (hereinafter called "User Facilities.")
  2. The Customer shall be held responsible for coverage of all communication expenses, network connection fees, and other costs incurred for the use of the ticket purchasing service and other related services of the Web site.
  3. Should the ticket purchasing service or other related services fail to function normally due to noncompliance, inadequacies, network setting errors or other malfunctions on the part of the User Facilities, the Council shall not bear responsibility for any consequence as a result of such failure.
  4. If purchasing ticket(s) via a mobile phone, please note that the ordering process may not be available depending on the mobile phone model, especially if it is one that has only recently been released.
  5. A customer must configure their e-mail settings so that e-mails from the Council domain ( may always be received. The Council may not send any further e-mails to customers whose e-mail accounts have blocked even one e-mail message from the Council. Customers who have turned off their rejection setting should notify the Council promptly.

Article 4 (Service Disruption or Suspension)

  1. The Council shall be able to suspend or disrupt management of all or part of the Services if any of the following applies:
  2. (1) In the event of routine or emergency maintenance and inspection of the system providing the Services.

    (2) If the Services cannot be provided to customer due to the malfunction, failure or shutdown of the facilities installed or managed by the Council.

    (3) When the Services cannot be provided by the Council due to force majeure, including military strife, riot, chaos, labor conflict, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, power failure, transportation issues, etc.

    (4) In the event the Council deems it necessary for management of the Services.

  3. The Council shall not bear any responsibility for damages incurred by the Customer due to disruption or suspension of the Services, regardless of the reason.

Article 5 (Prohibited Matters)

  1. The following shall be prohibited in the use of the Services by the Customer:
  2. (1) Any act that may infringe on the copyrights, property rights, reputation, privacy, expertise and other rights held by other users of the Services, third parties or the Council.

    (2) Any act that is not in the interest of, or that causes damages or is likely to cause damages, to other users, third parties or the Council.

    (3) Any act that violates or is likely to violate public order or the social code of ethics, or an act that provides other users of the Services or third parties with information that violates public order or the social code of ethics.

    (4) Any criminal act, or any deed or action that is likely to lead to a criminal act.

    (5) Any deeds or actions that concern politics, religion or sexual mores.

    (6) Any act for commercial gain, or for the purpose of preparing for such activity, that makes use of the Services.

    (7) Any act for the purpose of using or transmitting a computer virus or other harmful computer programs through or in relation to the Services.

    (8) The unauthorized use of a login ID, password or personal identification number (PIN).

    (9) Any violation or act with the potential to violate the terms and conditions of the Agreement or laws and regulations.

    (10) Other acts the Council deems inappropriate.

  3. Should the Customer commit any of the actions as stated above, said Customer may be denied use of the Services.

Article 6 (Indemnification)

  1. The Customer shall be held fully responsible for use of the Services, and the Council shall not be held liable for the warranty of integrity, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of the content of the Services and the information obtained by that Customer through the Services.
  2. The Council shall not be held responsible in any way for damages incurred by the Customer or a third party as a result of suspension, disruption, change or termination of the Services or in relation to the Services.
  3. The Council shall make a good-faith effort in the management of the Services based on the technological standards available, but shall not guarantee the prevention of data leakage, loss or tampering by a third party.
  4. The Council shall not guarantee the satisfaction of all Customers’ purchase requirements in terms of ticket quantity, etc., as available for sale through the Services. Furthermore, it shall not guarantee the authenticity of information shown on the ticket, sold through the Services, including whether the event in question will be held as described on the ticket.
  5. The Council shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for problems such as non-delivery, delivery to the wrong address or delay in delivery of any e-mail in relation to the Services.
  6. The Council shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever for problems related to the payment or delivery of tickets in relation to the Services.

Article 7 (Copyright Use)

The Customer shall not use any information, image or file associated with the Web site, beyond the scope of personal use authorized under copyright law, without the approval of the Council or any rightholder, in any way whatsoever

Article 8 (Customer Notification)

  1. Customer notification by the Council shall be done either by Web site posting, e-mail or any other means the Council deems appropriate.
  2. By posting on the Web site, said notification shall be considered completed to the Customer by making it available for viewing by the Customer though Web site access.

Article 9 (Inquiries)

  1. Inquiries, complaints and other comments from users regarding the Services provided through the Web site shall be accepted as specified by the Council.
  2. The Council shall exercise its own discretion in response to the inquiries, complaints and other comments as described above either by telephone, e-mail or other method deemed appropriate.

Article 10 (Service Fees)

  1. The Customer shall bear the responsibility of paying consumption taxes incurred in service fees, as well as all taxes and tariffs applicable to the transaction.
  2. Payment of service fees shall be made in compliance with the terms of service, the terms of payment, credit limits and other regulations established by the relevant credit card company, collection agency, financial institution, etc.
  3. Should there be a conflict between the Customer and the relevant credit card company, collection agency, financial institution, etc., the Council shall not bear any responsibility whatsoever and the conflict shall be resolved between the two parties involved.

Article 11 (Personal Information)

The Council shall handle the Customer’s personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy established separately. The Customer shall agree to the terms and provisions of the said Privacy Policy.

Article 12 (Language)

The Japanese language shall prevail as the official language governing the provisions of the Agreement, specific rules and other regulations including the Rules for Ticket Sales. Japanese shall be the language used in notification and other expressions of will.

Article 13 (Governing Law)

The Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan regarding its conclusion, enforcement, implementation and interpretation.

Article 14 (Jurisdiction)

  1. The Council and the Customer shall resolve any dispute arising from the Agreement in good faith through consultation.
  2. If the dispute cannot be resolved, the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for the first hearing.

Article 15 (Miscellaneous Rules)

The Agreement shall take effect at 10:00 a.m., 20 May 2007.

It is partially revised and shall immediately take effect at 10:00 a.m. on 31 March, 2014.

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