Privacy Policy


The Japan Arts Council (hereinafter called "the Council") implements measures to protect personal privacy and information through the establishment of regulations and schemes in compliance with the Act on Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc. (Act No. 59 of 2003; hereinafter called "Privacy Protection Law").

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is defined as data in which the identity of an individual can be specified, such as name, date of birth, etc. Such information also includes data related to personal attributes, such as physical characteristics and personal assets, if used in combination with the individual's name.

Definition of the Privacy Protection Law

The Privacy Protection Law of Japan defines rules to be observed in handling personal information in order to prevent infringement of the rights and interests of an individual through the inappropriate and unauthorized use of personal information.

1. Restrictions on Holding Personal Information

In holding personal information, the objective of the use of such information must be clearly defined. Furthermore, personal information shall not be held beyond the scope required for achievement of the aforementioned objective of information use.

2. Explicit Announcement of the Objective

When personal information is to be acquired from an individual directly in writing, the objective for the use of such information must be stated explicitly.

3. Restrictions on Use and Availability

As a general rule, personal information held by the Council shall not be used or made available for use for any objective other than that which is stated explicitly.

4. Guarantee of Accuracy

Personal information held by the Council shall be required to match past and current facts within the scope required for achievement of the objective for use.

5. Measures to Guarantee Security

The Council shall be required to implement measures necessary to prevent the leakage of any personal information held.

6. Obligations and Duties of Council Employees

Council employees shall not divulge heedlessly or inadvertently to other parties the content of personal information acquired in the course of duty.


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